About Us:

About Us:

Beth is an avid gardener, showing signs of her passion even as a child. Growing up with a father who grew vegetables and a mother who loved flowers, she could hardly help but become a gardener herself.

Beth’s gardening took a different turn, however. Yes, she grows veggies and flowers, but she also discovered herbs, and once that happened, nothing was ever the same. Learning as a young mom the herbs available to her were useful for cooking, medicine and homemade cosmetics, she took off, learning and applying all she could.

Beth’s soap and cosmetics were well-received, but her passion was fulfilled when she applied her formulation talents to gardeners’ products, which makes up her main product line. Because she is a gardener and knows the toll gardening takes, she developed products that clean, exfoliate and moisturize the skin, something every gardener needs.
Soap and Garden is a woman-owned company devoted to bringing you the best in skin care and personalized service that only a small company can provide. We even offer products you’ll love for the off-season and for gifts. Check back often as we are continually adding more.

She didn’t stop at one soap and one scrub, though. Beth developed a range of scents and colors to make using these products more enjoyable. What is your favorite?

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